Summer Schools


Starting from 2008 the Faculty of Humanities has been organising Summer Schools for Mexican students. In the years 2008-2010, the Faculty organised Culture and Art courses,  in the years 2011-2014 - Ethics Fundamentals, and in the years 2015-2019 - Globalisation and Its Threats, and Arts and Humanities.
The courses are organised within the framework of student exchange project developed between AGH UST and Mexican universities.  Prof. Anna Siwik is the Head of the School.

Dr Anna Małecka is responsible for the arrangement of lectures.

In the Framework of “Culture and Art”, "Ethics Fundamentals" and "Globalisation and Its Threats" Summer Schools, the following visiting professors from Mexico (z Instytutu Technologicznego de Monterrey) were lecturing at the Faculty of Humanities:

1. Jose de Jesus Ramirez (Instituto Technologico y des Studios Superiores
de Monterrey,Campus Querétaro)
Summer School – June/July 2008
Course title: Ciencias Humanas

2. Carmen Elvira Espinosa de los Monteros Alzaga, MDH
Summer School – June/July 2009
Course title: Human Relations

3. Gabriela Pérez Avila
Summer School – June/July 2010
Course title: Human Relations
4. Olga Margarita Gonzalez Ordonez,
Summer School  – June/July 2011
Course title: Ciencias Humanas

5. Jose de Jesus Ramirez

Summer School - June/July 2012

Course title - Ciencias Humanas

6. Maria de Lourdes Landin Zea

Summer School - June/July 2013

Course title: Ciencias Humanas

7. Ma del Carmen Perez

Summer School - June/July 2014

Course title: Ciencias Humanas

8. Fanny Muzquiz Pérezool

Summer School - June/July 2015

Course title: Arte y comunicación

9. Profesor Elsa Carolina López Basurto

Summer School - June/July 2016

10. Profesor Yuriria Perez Vigueras

Summer School - June/July 2017

11. Alejandra Lobato Quesada and Luis Manuel Pacheco Muñoz

Summer School - June/July 2018

12. Luis Manuel Pacheco Muñoz and Rosa Margarita Sierra Gómez

Summer School - June/July 2019


Opinion about the 2015 summer course: Globalisation and Its Threats:

My opinion about this summer course is great! The material studied was well prepared and presented, I really liked the idea of the lectures handbook, it helped us to study and understand the concepts. The lectures were perfect. I loved how the system was organised and how it changed with a new teacher for a new topic. Class discussions were perfect since we always had an opportunity to participate. Over all, I can say that it could not be better.

Constancio Leal Castillo