Main Research Areas

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An innovative subject area at AGH-UST is research projects within the wide scope of humanities, whose characteristic feature is combining knowledge  from the broad field of social sciences and humanities with the knowledge related to modern information and communication technologies applied in various domains of social and economic life.

  • Within the framework of the discipline of information and knowledge society, the main area of analysis is the influence of communication transformations  on the functioning of economic organizations,  new forms of civic activities in contemporary world.

  • The research areas in the field of sociology, psychology and philosophy comprise research into the reflection of economic, social and cultural transformations in contemporary sociology.

  • The discipline of political and historical sciences comprises social and political transformations in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Within the framework of the research areas listed above, projects dealing with the following subjects are conducted:
the formation of information society:

  • education and professional careers of AGH-UST graduates;

  • aging of Polish society in the international context,

  • living conditions and social activities of AGH-UST students with disabilities,

  • spirituality and analysis of cultural messages,

  • marriage and family life transformations in Poland,

  • the influence of new technologies on democracy, the institutionalization of local self-governing bodies in Poland, sociological analysis of the genesis and structure of Polish entrepreneurship, the analysis of the conditions of the Polish labour market, as well as the issues of social dialogue.

  • Individual research projects of the faculty members are also available on this website.