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Individual Research Projects for 2012 (1)

Department of Economic Sociology and Social Communication

dr Andrzej Augustynek
-- Addiction as a crucial problem of contemporrary Polish information society

Professor Barbara Gąciarz (Head of the Department)
-- Public Institutions In Poland. Unsolved Problem of Inefficiency and Developmental Challenges

Anna Kulpa, MA
-- Resources and capabilities in Polish labor relations after 2004

dr Marzena Mamak-Zdanecka
-- Dynamic enterprises in knowledge based economy

dr Tomasz Masłyk
-- Social capital and civil society

dr Ewa Migaczewska
-- A person, a consumer, a citizen in postmodern society

Professor Maria Nawojczyk
-- Commercialization of knowledge and knowledge based economy
Professor Marian Niezgoda
-- Higher education during the times of crisis. Polish higher eduction system and demands of knowledge based society

Tomasz Piróg, MA
-- Self-government sector and the NGO sector in local Poland

dr Grzegorz Ptaszek
-- Medial competences and the social structure of information society ajnd knowledge based society

Professor Krystyna Slany
-- Female immigrants on the job market and their societal integration

dr Maria Stojkow
-- Transformations of social order in Arab Countries
dr Wanda Takuska-Mróz
-- A person in innformation society. Challenges and Dilemmas

dr Dorota Żuchowska-Skiba
-- New social movements in postmodern society. Handicapped people and their movements

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

dr Ewa Augustyniak
-- Management system in Polish higher eduaction

dr Jacek Gądecki
-- Transformations of postindustrial cities

dr Maria Grzegorzewska
-- Stress Management among teachers and social support systems

dr Łucja Kapralska
-- Internet as a medium of social integration and disintegration of ethnic minorities

Łukasz Krzyżowski, MA
-- Transnational caregiving patterns in Polish and Wester European cultures of ageing

dr Katarzyna Leszczyńska
-- Reproduction and selfproduction of feminity in organizational fields of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland

dr Agata Maksymowicz
-- Grounded theory and sociology of emotions in tanatological studies

Professor Janusz Mucha (Head of the Department)
-- Ethnic "otherness" and lifecourse. Minority status and the process of ageing

Professor Katarzyna Skowronek
-- Religiosity and spirituality in Polish private and public discourses. Language of religion and language of popculture

Professor Maria Szmeja
-- Poles remembering the past in the border regions

Radosław Tyrała, MA
-- Unbelievers in Poland. Their socio-demographic characteristics and auto-identification
Professor Dariusz Wojakowski
-- Qualitative methods in interdisciplinary research

Department of Political Science and Contemporary History

Professor Robert Borkowski
-- Performative character of terrorism. Religious fundamentalism and terrorism seen from the perspective of anthropological theory of rituals

dr Lucyna Kulińska
-- Difficult neighbourhood. Polish-Ukrainian relations in the 20th and 21st centuries

Professor Julian Kwiek
-- Socio-political situation of the Krakow’s academic community in the 1980-1983 period

Professor Klaus Müller
-- National Varieties of Post-communist Transformation

Maciej Myśliwiec, MA
-- Communist Poland in movies and TV series. Historical education via film production

dr Magdalena Parus–Jaskułowska
-- Culture and structure during the 1989 transformations as viewed by German public opinion elites

Professor Anna Siwik (Head of the Department)
--“Systemic Transformations” in Communist Poland

Professor Leszek Porębski
-- New Information and communication technologies as a factor transforming political processes

Department of Cultural Studies and Philosophy

dr Maria Bielawka
-- Understanding in contemporary phenomenology

dr Wacław Branicki
-- Human authenticity and new media

Professor Jacek Dębicki

-- Relations of theology and philosophy with the church art

dr Jan Galarowicz
-- Mercy: its nature and its pathologies

Professor Ignacy S. Fiut (Head of the Department)
-- Tadeusz Grabowski 's ideas and its contemporary reception in world philosophy

dr Jowita Guja
-- Language and alienation in contemporary ideas of the subject

dr Wiesław Kurpiewski
-- Culture of Buddism and Western philosophy

dr Magdalena Machowska
-- The Roma holocaust in Poland and Volynia during World War II

dr Anna Małecka
-- Creative potential of humor

dr Alojzy Morzyniec
-- Body as a subject of cultural analysis

dr Anna Olszewska
-- Cultural contxts of science in Poland

Professor Zbigniew Pasek
-- Language of new spirituality and cultral transformations in Poland

dr Michał Siciński
-- Cultural and natural understanding of justice

dr Katarzyna Stark
-- Jerzy Nowosielski and the Eastern Orthodoxy

dr Magdalena Szpunar
-- New media -- new patterns of communication

Professor Łukasz Trzciński
-- The problem of freedom in the cyberculture

Professor Maciej Uliński
-- Forms of the ethics of care in contemporary philosophy

dr Bogusław Zmudziński
-- Homes, apartments and closed spaces in Roman Polanski's films

1 In alphabetical order, within departments. For clusters of research projects, see the “Research Units” and the Polish-language website, in particular “Jednostki organizacyjne” and “Badania”.