At Faculty

There are currently (2010-2011) six research grants financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education or National Center for Science, conducted at the Faculty of Humanities:

  • I love NH. The gentrification in old part of Nowa Huta district in Krakow, Poland. Project Director -- dr Jacek Gądecki.

  • Electronic democracy at the local level. The use of Internet by local government structures. Project Director -- Professor Leszek Porębski.

  • Contemporary Roma women in Poland -- identities, decision-making and life choices: qualitative research of ethnic transformation of Bergitka Roma and Polska Roma female leaders. Supervisor"s grant. Project Director -- Professor Maria Szmeja. Researcher and Doctoral Student -- Ms Agata Anacik.

  • Transnational care and intergenerational relations. Modern Polish "cultrs of migration". Contract no. 5317/B/H03/2011/40. Project Director -- Professor Janusz Mucha. Researcher and Doctoral Student -- Łukasz Krzyżowski.

  • Reproducing feminity and masculinity patterns by laymen in administrative and evangelizing organizations of Roman Catholic Church in Poland. Contract no. 2011/01/B/HS6/01753. Project Director -- dr Katarzyna Leszczyńska.

  • Too old to work, too young to retire. "Young pensioners in Polish and Western European cultures of aging. Project Director -- Łukasz Krzyżowski, MA.