Erasmus+ for international students

Information for foreign students who plan to follow humanities courses at the AGH – University of Science and Technology

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The AGH - University of Science and Technology in Kraków was originally founded as a technical university. However, social sciences have been taught at the University for over forty years. The Faculty of Humanities was established in 2001. At present, we offer B.A. and M.A. programs in Sociology and  in Cultural Studies.  Within the framework of Socrates/Erasmus program, our students study at several European universities. Foreign students have been following our courses. Our offer consists of 26 courses lectured in various European languages. Six courses belong to mainstream Sociology curriculum. Students can also select a rich variety of more specialised courses. Each course is an equivalent of 30 instruction hours. The mainstream courses give 6 ECTS credits each, and the remaining ones give 4 ECTS credits. Students are expected to meet their tutors once a week and discuss the problems presented in the syllabus. Other individual solutions are also possible. The course is credited on the basis of a submitted essay (or project in the case of PR courses) developed by the student on the topic previously agreed with the tutor, followed by the examination in the course curriculum. International Office of the AGH University od Science and Technology ( is responsible for all financial and technical arrangements