The New Sociology of Work

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Maria Nawojczyk prof. AGH

Semester: all

Key words:

The New Sociology of Work (print)

Course description:

Work occupies a substantial proportion of most people’s lives and has often been taken as a symbol of personal value: work provides status, economic reward, a demonstration of religious faith and a means to realize self-potential. Work is itself socially constructed and reconstructed. What counts as ‘work’, what counts as ‘rational behaviour’ does not lie within the object or the phenomenon itself but within the social relations and interpretative processes that sustain it.

To discuss work as a social construct is helpful for understanding such issues as labour, management, informal work, domestic labour, unemployment, which are key elements of job market. Also the aspects of social stratification are to be very important – particularly these related to class, gender and race and ethnicity. The process of globalization of job market as well as new informatics technologies are the most influential forces of reconstruction of work.

All these processes will be discuss during this course.


  • Keith Grint; The Sociology of Work; Cambrigde: Polity Press, 1991.

  • Tony J Wats; Sociology, Work and Idustry; London: Routledge, 2001.

  • Ralph Fevre; The New Sociology of Economic Bevaviour; London: Sage 2003.

Grading system:

Essay or presentation and final oral exam


Course is given on individual tutorial basis.