Courses in foreign languages at the Faculty

Maria Grzegorzewska

Semester: all

Key words: Psychology, personality, emotions, memory, stress

Psychology (print)

Course description:

  • Sensationand perception (phenomenon of sensory adaptation)

  • Cocktail-party phenomenon?

  • The systems of memory (Enumerate the sub-systems of long-term memory, the reasons why we forget)

  • Emotions

  • Three systems of personalityaccording to S. Freud.

  • The views of Freud’s early followers: Adler, Jung and Horney

  • Milgram’s experiment

  • Stress. What is GAS? What are its stages?

  • Coping strategies

  • What role does cognitive dissonance play in changing attitudes?

  • Empathy-altruism hypothesis


  • Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook by Michael W. Eysenck and Mark T. Keane

  • Psychology: An International Perspective by Michael Eysenck

  • Social Psychology by Eliot R. Smith & Diane M. Mackie

  • Representations, Community and Culture by Sandra Jovchelovitch

  • A General Theory of Emotions and Social Life by Warren D. TenHouten

Grading system:



Course is given on individual tutorial basis.