Network Society & Technology

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Maria Nawojczyk prof. AGH

Semester: spring

Key words:

Network Society & Technology (print)

Course description:

New technologies, particularly ITC, are very important sources of social change. From the one hand they are driven forces of these changes but simultaneously they are socially and culturally embedded. To understand those global processes we have to look at societies and technologies as interrelated and influencing each other. Issues as social and technological rationality, risk society, problems solved and created by new technologies, changes in social communication and in social relations connected to all spheres of life will be points of analysis and discussions during this course.

Following detail problems will be scrutinized during the class discussions:

1. The information technology revolution
2. The emergence of network societies
3. Changes in perceiving time and space.
4. The culture of real virtuality
5. The new economy
6. The network enterprise
7. The transformation of work and employment
8. Flexibility and networking key characteristics of new societies.


Basic references:
1. Beck, Ulrich. 1992. Risk Society. Towards a New Modernity. London: Sage
2. Castells, Manuel. 1996. The Rise of the Network Society. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers
3. Lash, Scott and John Urry. 1994. Economies of Signs & Space. London: Sage

Grading system:

Evaluation Essay: 50%
Presentation: 25%
Discussion: 15%
Class Participation: 10%


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