Introduction do Public Relations

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Łucja Kapralska

Semester: all

Key words: public relations, social communication, target groups, image, coraporate identity, media realtions.

Introduction do Public Relations (print)

Course description:

The course is aimed to present basic information concerning Public Relations, both in theory and in practice. The attention will be paid to the origin of PR, definition problems, PR and related forms of persuasive communication, such as advertisement, promotion, Human Relations, and others. During the course the alphabet of PR will be presented as well as the main goal of PR (i.e. the creation of an image). Students will study various types of PR (internal and external PR, PR in crisis, PR in the Internet), popular methods, tools and tactics as well as ethical problems of PR. As the course consists of two forms of classes - lectures and workshops, students will be able to apply their knowledge to practical exercises aimed at organizing the process of PR.


  • Carl H. Bolan, Vincent Hazleton, Public Relations Theory, Hillsdale, NY 1989

  • William N. Elwood (Editor)

  • Public Relations. Inquiry as Rhetorical Criticism. Case Studies of Corporate

  • Discourse  and Social Influence, Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT: 1995

  • Fred J. Evans, Managing the media. Proactive strategy for better business-press relations · Publisher: Quorum Books. New York. 1987


Grading system:

Foreigner studenst are obliged to  read texts recommended by lecturer and  discuss them during duty hours of the lecturer.  At the end of the course they have  to  invent  and prepare the project of  their own PR campaign as a final work.   They also are warmly invited to take part in  regular lectures ( if they  Polish language skills let them do it)


Course is given on individual tutorial basis.