International Cooperation


  1. The Essence of School Culture as a Place of the Educational Impact, 6-7 June 2008, contact: Ewa Augustyniak, website.

  2. The 2008 Interim Conference of the Research Network of Economic Sociology of the European Sociological Association, 2-4 July 2008, contact: Maria Nawojczyk, Anna Kulpa-Ogdowska, Tomasz Piróg, website.

  3. Moral Dilemmas of Polish Society in the Postmodern Age, 26 September 2008, contact: Agata Maksymowicz,website.



  1. Mosaic of Transnational Spaces: Theory, Methods, Realities, 8-9 May 2009, contact Lukasz Krzyzowskiwebsite.

  2. Society-Culture-Technology at the Dawn of the 21st Century, 21-22 May 2009, contact: Janusz Mucha, Katarzyna Leszczynska, website

  3. Agora or Hyde Park: Internet as Virtual Space of Minority Groups, 15-16 October 2009, contact: Lucja Kapralska website.

  4. Civil Society Begins in School, 22-23 October 2009, contact: Anna Okonska-Walkowicz, website.

  5. Disabled Students and Academic Community. Successful Strategies and Failures in Social Integration and Career Advancement, 20th November 2009, contact: Barbara Gaciarz, website.

  6. Religion and International Affairs, 19-20 November 2009, contact: Robert Borkowski, website.


  1. Let’s meet – Polish Sociology Yesterday and Today, March 2010, contact: Katarzyna Harezlak, Kamil Luczaj,website.

  2. Basic Values in Contemporary Contexts, 22-23 April 2010, contact: Maciej Ulinski, website.

  3. The Essence of School Culture as a Place of the Educational Impact, 11-12 June 2010, contact: Ewa Augustyniak, website.

  4. Atheism in Culture of West and East, 24-25 June 2010, contact: Jowita Guja, website.

  5. Conference Promoting Polish-German Cooperation in European Studies, 26-28 November, Frankfurt, contact: Klaus Mueller, website.


  1. Performative Dimensions of Culture, 12-13 May 2011, contact: Katarzyna Leszczynska, webiste.

  2. Second Conference for Promoting Polish-German Cooperation in the Social Sciences & Humanities, 20-22 May 2011, kontakt: Klaus Mueller.

  3. Cultural Aspects of Human Sensory Sphere, 25-26 November 2011, contact: Jowita Guja, website.

  4. Social Problems of Małopolska Province and its Institutional Background. Theoretical Considerations and Practical Solutions, 8 December 2011, contact: Katarzyna Leszczynska, website.


  1. Contemporary Psychology of Media, 15-16 November 2012, contact: Grzegorz Ptaszek, website.

  2. Nonreligious Dimensions of Spirituality, 6-7 December 2012, contact: Katarzyna Skowronek, Radosław Tyrała,website.


  1. Contemporary Psychology of Media. Human - Technology - Media, 14-15 November 2013, contact: Grzegorz Ptaszek, website.


  1. International Conference "Between Work and Retirement. Transition to Retirement in Central and Eastern European Societies", 24 January 2014, contact: dr Łukasz Krzyżowski, website.

  2. International Conference "Gender in NeoPagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe", 8-9 March 2014, contact: dr Anna Olszewska, website.

  3. Disabled People in Poland. Citizens, Consumers, Employees, 8-9 May 2014, contact: prof. Barbara Gąciarz, mgr Anna Kulpa, website.

  4. International Conference "Network of Memory. Digital Forms of Social Memory", 3-4 June 2014, contact: dr Łucja Kapralska, website.

  5. Social, Cultural and Technological Dimensions of Ageing; 6-7 November 2014, contact: prof. Katarzyna Skowronek, dr Łukasz Krzyżowski, website.


  1. International Conference of Young Scientists "Sociology - Social Work - Regulation of Social Problems"; organizers: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, Faculty of Humanities AGH; 24-25 April 2015, Lwów; contact: prof. Dariusz Wojakowski, info.

  2. Discourses of Video Games; 5-7 June 2015, info.

  3. Emotional Aspects of Culture; 24 October 2015, contact: prof. Łukasz Trzciński, dr Maria Bielawka, info.