About Faculty


The Faculty of Humanities, within the AGH – University of Science and Technology, was formed in 2001 (under the original name of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences -- the name was changed in 2008), in response to new educational and research needs which had developed as a result of globalization and rapid technological progress. The mission of the new Faculty was designed to educate modern specialists combining social knowledge with expertise in application of new information and communication technologies in various areas of public life and business activity. The Faculty research and teaching staff includes sociologists, psychologists, cultural study experts, philosophers, historians, political scientists, religion scholars and education specialists. Our professors are active in PAN"s Research Committees – the Polish Academy of Sciences. Some of them have been awarded Fulbright Fellowships, while others -- have participated in NATO and Kościuszko Foundation Scholarships. The Faculty also boasts several well-published poets, a court of justice expert in psychology, and a medal winner in the world skiing championships for journalists.

The Faculty of Humanities was based on the creative concept of bridging traditional university education with modern technology focused on engineering studies. The effective implementation of such project has been possible due to the extensive technological resources owned by AGH – University of Science and Technology. These technological assets provide the unique possibility of  teaching and studying new media within their practical dimension. This pioneering combination of professional education in the field of soft social competences with technological workshop skills in management and operation of new communication technologies provides graduates with broad and interesting employment perspectives. Jobs in public sectors (national and local administration, cultural promotion agencies), governmental and non-governmental organizations, public relations fields and advertisement agencies, opinion polls and public survey companies, market research organizations, and all business organizations which have been reinforcing their market position, while relying on modern technological solutions in the fields of information and communication, are subsequently at the graduates" disposal.

Various practical experience programs provide our students with valuable professional skills. Often, these projects have resulted in long-term relations with prospective employer, guaranteeing a smooth transition to employment even before graduation.

Our current programs include:

  • three-year BA programme in Sociology (est. 2002)

  • graduate two-year MA programme in Sociology (est. 2005)

  • three-year BA programme in Cultural Studies (est. 2008)

  • graduate two-year MA programme in Cultural Studies (est. 2011)

  • three-year BSc programme in Social Informatics (est. 2016)

  • graduate two-year MA programme in Sociology: Technology and Society, held in English

* starting from the academic year 2019/20, we plan do open graduate two-year MSc programme in Social Informatics


MORE INFORMATION on the research and teaching staff, as well as the research projects  of individual units and the syllabi is available on the Polish language website.